Photoshoot Directing, Touch-up Photo Editing and Prop Staging by Myself. Photography by Andrea Ramirez, Makeup by Julia Morgan, and Hair by Victoria Hollan


Video Footage:  

Behind-the-scenes Photoshoot Directing by Myself. Project managing by Olivia Stahl, Creative direction / Film producing by Carol D’souza, Assistant directing / Prop Master by Victoria Hollan, Cinematographer / Co-directing by Gavi Salem, Coloring by Susan McCormick, Editing by Coleman Mason, Gaffing by Roberto Bishop, 1st AD by Mark Hidalgo, 1st AC by Keon Abbott, Cam op. by Nyres Colbert, Secondary acm op. by Andy Amores, Grip: Jason McNicoll



Mother by Janet Yates

Daughter by  Julie

Son by Benjamin 

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